Drug Trafficking in India

Posted on May 30th, 2012

This involves carrying drugs from one country to another country or from one city to another city, and their distribution to addicts. The need for organisation, contacts, and large sums of money puts the business outside the reach of most individuals and small criminal groups. There are millions of persons addicted to drugs including heroin, opium, cocaine, etc.

These addicts get their supplies from ‘pimps’ who get them from organised groups engaged in this crime. It is a known fact that police knows the gangs engaged in these activities but because they are ‘fixed up’, nobody gets arrested.

Not everyone who uses drugs becomes an addict, but for those who do, the addiction often leads to a life of violence and crime. Tragically, many of these casualties are teenagers and young persons. Estate Racketeering

Some gangs are engaged in getting houses and shops vacated from tenants after ‘charging’ huge amounts of money from the house owners. These gangs have the support of the police who get a share of the ‘earned’ money.